Ministry Care

Lisenby Counseling provides specialized care for pastors/missionaries, their families, and the leadership teams of churches. 

We know that serving in ministry is a special calling. And with serving comes the potential for great joy and great struggle - both in one's personal life and in one's ministry life. 

If you are in need of counseling, coaching, or consulting support in a confidential setting - where your unique ministry situation can be understood and addressed - please contact us. We're here to help you be all that God is calling you to be and to help you serve Him and others well!

Areas of Care...

  • Marriage, Family, and Mental Health Counseling for the Pastor and his family

  • Ministry coaching for the pastor's discipleship and personal development

  • Missionary debriefing, furlough support, adjustment counseling

  • Leadership coaching and development for individuals and teams

  • Consulting with churches and nonprofit ministries for improving leadership outcomes, staff communication and relationships, understanding and working with different and complementary staff personalities, and complex problem solving support

  • Mediation and conflict resolution for leadership and church members