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Lisenby Counseling is committed to encouraging people in their personal, relational, and sexual wholeness from a Christian perspective. We provide counseling support to individuals, couples, and families, as well marriage and family training events in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area.

Choosing a Counselor    
Thank you for taking a few minutes to take a look through our website and learn more about the specialized services we offer. We know that finding a therapist is often a challenging process. While professional qualifications are essential, understanding a counselor's beliefs and approaches to helping people is crucial for finding a counselor who is a "good fit" for you. 

Also, feeling comfortable, being understood, and getting the results you want are probably on your list of "must have's." This site is designed to help you discover if we can meet your current counseling needs. We hope to speak with you soon. Thank you!

Dr. Heath Lisenby, LMHC  (click here for bio)
Doctor of Ministry in Marriage & Family Counseling
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Heidi Olszewski, MSSA, LCSW  (click here for bio)                                                                                 Master of Science in Social Administration
Licenced Clinical Social Worker

Chad Olszewski, MA  (click here for bio)                                                                                                   Master of Arts in Clinical Pastoral Counseling

Areas of special focus...

  • Marriage and Family Counseling 

  • Healthy Sexuality, Sexual Addictions and Disorders, Affair Recovery, and Sexual Problems in Marriage;

  • Individual Mental Health or Personal Counseling: Personal Development and Christian Spiritual Growth; Depression, Anxiety, Panic, OCD; Trauma Recovery; Grief and Loss; Coping with Chronic Pain; Personality Disorders; Career and Work Issues 

  • Child and Teen Mental Health (age 10+)

  • Pastors/Missionaries and their families

  • Military servicemen and servicewomen and their families

  • Parenting, Attachment issues, Discipleship & Discipline (for all ages of children)

  • Adoption-related family issues

  • Children with Autism/Asperger's (age 10+); Social Skills Development

  • Parent-Child/Teen Relationships (age 10+)

  • Supporting parents of children with special medical needs (diabetes, epilepsy and/or seizure disorders, Autism/Asperger's, developmental delays, severe food allergies, genetic disorders, physical disabilities, mental health diagnoses, etc.)

Accepting new clients? 

If you would like to meet with one our counselors, please call or email today to be added to one of their waiting lists.

Chad Olszewski is accepting new clients at this time. He sees clients on Thursday only.

Heidi Olszewski is accepting new clients at this time. She sees clients on Monday only.

Dr. Heath Lisenby is not accepting a few new clients at this time. He see clients on Tuesday only.

Thank you.

Site Updated: 11/13/2018