Our Commitment to Christian Counseling

Lisenby Counseling is committed to encouraging people in their personal, relational, and sexual wholeness from the Christian perspective. 

  • The Counseling Focus of our practice is to help people find comfort, challenge, change, and certain hope for trustworthy transformation in the most important and tender areas of life and family. Counseling services are offered in either a traditional/ weekly format or an intensive 1, 2, or 3-day "retreat" format.

  • The Training and Speaking Events focus primarily on encouraging biblically-based, healthy marriages and families as well as advancing the truth and goodness of relational and sexual wholeness for all people.

  • The Foundational Belief that guides our counseling practice is that God intends for marriages, families, friendships, church families, and individuals to love and honor God and be satisfied in Him above all other things. Then as people are grounded in a right and growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ, they are better able to pursue personal wholeness and health as well as develop stronger and more healthy attachments with others. These core relationships of life are meant to be characterized by unconditional love, humility, closeness, understanding, trust, safety, commitment, and healthy sexuality - for the glory of God and for the good of one another. 

Our Approach to Counseling

  • All counseling or therapy is values based. This means that someone (psychological theorist, researcher, counselor, therapist, religion, cultural norms, etc.) has chosen what is valued, right, good, helpful, or best in order to help people move forward with healing, growth, change, and functioning in a state of optimal well-being. Ethical counseling acknowledges and respects that each person in the counseling relationship is guided by his or her values, beliefs, and goals. 

  • Our staff are committed followers of Jesus Christ and seek to live in accordance with this commitment. We are honest in making known that our views of humanity's problems and perspectives on how people experience holistic emotional-relational-sexual-spiritual health are rooted in a biblical worldview centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The use of the Bible, biblical explanations/principles for understanding and dealing with problems, prayer, and guidance for Christian spiritual growth and development will be incorporated into the counseling process only with the permission and request of the client, which can be rescinded at any time. Although our staff draw from the best of what secular theories and techniques have to offer related to individual, marriage, and family counseling - the perspectives and approaches used in counseling are grounded, filtered, and transformed through the Holy Scriptures.

  • In light of his Christian commitment and biblical basis for counseling, our staff respects each client’s freedom to choose their values, beliefs, and goals. We do not seek to impose our values and beliefs on clients, do not treat clients in emotionally harmful ways, and do not refuse counseling services to people who do not share similar values and beliefs. However, if an impasse is reached between what a client wants out of therapy and what their counselor is able to provide them - out of respect and care for the client and based on ethical requirements of the counseling profession - a referral to another therapist will be offered in order to help the client receive therapy support that is more in line with his or her values and goals.